Monday, January 28, 2008

the beginning of freshyfresh

hi! here's the idea. freshyfresh is a gathering of inspiration.  things that excite some part of your mind. visual things, song lyrics, ideas, books, soft things, blue things, funny know, cool stuff. stuff we run across and react to. stuff we might savor even more if it was shared.  Oh yeah, I really like quirky stuff too. and funny stuff. and the poetic. and lately... pipe-cleaners. 
it's just a start, we will see what happens. Oh, and I see it as playful.
later tater,
chao bella!



art mcrae said...

yippy skippy- wowzers-neaty cool

chemacsmi said...

i love looking at beautiful photos of scenery. mountains, valleys, rivers, oceans. i like being there too! i like the patterns and textures in nature. the sounds of waterfalls and waves. the colors of the fields and flowers. i like snow and winter scenery, and the quiet peacefulness of skiing. enjoy. laugh. savor.

Jamie Morris said...

Yeah. I'm liking the whole visual aspect. I want to SEE what's Freshfresh, what's fun, what's new.

Artists are so great at that, the framing of a moment, highlighting it, bringing it home so I can enjoy it, see it differently than I usually do.

Thanks for making an on-line album to share your pleasures with me!

jme-jakie-bertie bees

Robin Maria Pedrero said...


Love what you have to say! You have brightened my day. Didn't mean to rhyme but what the heck I'll be back here another time!

=) Robin
now that you are an offical blogger stop by my blog and say hello

sado_barbie said...

pipe-cleaners a new found friend!!?

i dig the way you write, it's just as corkey as you are. can't wait to read more!

sado_barbie said...
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Benjamin said...

The path to our destination is not always a straight one... we go down the wrong road, we get lost, we turn back... Maybe it does not matter which path we embark on, maybe what matters is that we embark

Carla Sonheim said...

I can't WAIT to visit this new blog OFTEN. Freshyfresh... love it!!