Friday, April 25, 2008

I miss you!

Hey peoples, what's up?

but first a truth: It's been way too long. I have missed you.

Yipper, I was thinking today that I want post on Miss Freshy a little more often, just for the fun of it. Why not, right? You know, just a quickie to check in and share a little. So..... here's today's tidbit!! We are in Nashville today for a gallery show, and have been poking around this great little funky area next to Vanderbilt University called West Village. Cute times ten. Coffee shops,  groovy clothes stores, great food, galleries, a famous pancake house, brick buildings, used book stores and stuff and junk. Our friend John Brown (drunky) sez Rachel Ray has eaten all over this place, or at least walked by. It seems like everyone we talked to here and at the opening tonight were either artists or musicians or writers or ALL THREE!! Yeah! that's what I am talking about! more and more I am realizing it is so common to find out my artists friends are also into music. and my music friends are into art, and my writing friends are into both! It's ALL THE SAME THING! Creative expression across the board. I LOVE THAT!! For true James. Maybe I always knew this, but it's a lovely thing to remember. it's soooo true and somehow so satisfying to this girl who loves all the above. 

so what that means is there is no limit to creativity.

that's it. just an observation. just makes me happy. just thought you should know.

hells yeah. go carol.


Monday, April 7, 2008


Howdy dooooode cuties,

but first:

A TRUTH: I am not sure where this blog is going tonight



So, this past Saturday night we held our annual Spring Open House at the studios. We are a group of 20 artists and one cat.  We all clean up our work spaces, the common area, put out some yummy treats and host our community of wonderful collectors, friends, our families, other artists, new interesting folks and the general public! We have always had a really great turnout, and it is usually packed. You can barley move or even speak to everyone at times....but, this year, it rained. ALL NIGHT! It was the first time in 21 years we had experienced that much rain! can you believe that??? Well that's what Randy said, and he thinks he knows stuff. (okay, he does know stuff) I think it's some kind of a miracle we have always been so lucky!

So here's the nice part about that. it was a fantastic night! I really got to talk to people. I met so many new interesting folks! Groovy, young artists, great new friends who are writers, even people who brought relatives who were in from out of town. What a cool bunch. It was paced differently than normal, and I think that was a good thing, it was very enjoyable. I even have grown attached to the crazy drunk lady, or is that the drunk crazy lady, who attends every art event in Central Florida for as long as I can remember. She made it out, even in the rain. but I have a note to the crazy drunk not draw on other peoples art work, even if you think it needs a little "fixin" okay??
and while I am at it, a note to self: do not forget to eat (except a few goldfish) and drink vodka. this is not smart. I do not need to grow up to become the new crazy drunk lady.....I'm just saying.

BIG TRUTH NUMBER 4!!!!!! and this may be what I really want to talk about. friends.

I have some really good ones, and I want you to know how truly grateful I am for you. I find you enormously interesting and engaging and I appreciate you more than you know. You are kind and I love your stories, the way you chat, your goofy sense of humor. I think you are all so good lookin, I really do, and I like the way you dress. you have the most wonderful way of making me laugh.... really, really loud. snort even. I love it when we talk I can see that you are really interested. And I think it's amazing the way you listen. It's so nice to go beyond the sufacy stuff and get down to something more real. I like it when we do that. I love that you care deeply about things yet you never seem too self important. You have such a creative mind, it's endless what we can discuss. And I love that we do not judge each other, not you and I, and that may be the greatest gift of all. So I thank you. Thanks for being there and thanks for being a part of this ride. I could not and would not want to do it without you. Sending you each big chunky hunks of love and some genuine, silly, squinty smiles.
that's it, that's all i got.

mom, i know that its bad grammar, it's just a thing.

sending you freshness and kind thoughts,
and love,
Lynnie lou

p.s. are you thinking about your friends?