Friday, April 25, 2008

I miss you!

Hey peoples, what's up?

but first a truth: It's been way too long. I have missed you.

Yipper, I was thinking today that I want post on Miss Freshy a little more often, just for the fun of it. Why not, right? You know, just a quickie to check in and share a little. So..... here's today's tidbit!! We are in Nashville today for a gallery show, and have been poking around this great little funky area next to Vanderbilt University called West Village. Cute times ten. Coffee shops,  groovy clothes stores, great food, galleries, a famous pancake house, brick buildings, used book stores and stuff and junk. Our friend John Brown (drunky) sez Rachel Ray has eaten all over this place, or at least walked by. It seems like everyone we talked to here and at the opening tonight were either artists or musicians or writers or ALL THREE!! Yeah! that's what I am talking about! more and more I am realizing it is so common to find out my artists friends are also into music. and my music friends are into art, and my writing friends are into both! It's ALL THE SAME THING! Creative expression across the board. I LOVE THAT!! For true James. Maybe I always knew this, but it's a lovely thing to remember. it's soooo true and somehow so satisfying to this girl who loves all the above. 

so what that means is there is no limit to creativity.

that's it. just an observation. just makes me happy. just thought you should know.

hells yeah. go carol.



Jamie said...

Dear Ms. Fresh-as-a Day-C--

Yup. We miss you, too. And here's the truth from our end: We don't WANT to travel around, leave our little neighborhood, our squirrels and Starbucks.

Hey! We painted this darned cottage 'cause we want to hang out in it, not all the time be wandering the globe.

But YOU do us a good deed, you Art-Travel Writer! You have no fear. Hop in that big ol' van, big ol' red dog hanging his big ol' red head out the window into 90-mile-an-hour wind (yes, I was watching the speedometer--for 19 hours X two!), and you FFFFFFFFFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYY off and report back to your home-port pals.

What's New York, like? Chicago? Colorado? You do all the hard work then let us know what we really care about: coffee, art, folks, and little bit of Rachel Ray.

It's like a magazine, only better.

Drive safe. By which I mean, DO NOT let Smudgie drive--no matter how much he begs.


Lynnie said...

ahhhhhhhhh you so good!! tanks for the LOVELY and amusing post! missy!! Yes we do love a trip, where things are new and you see and smell fresher. did I say smell fresher?? Well that certainly is something to shoot for!! clearly! As wonderful as trips are, I am always so glad to come home, as this is where the good stuff lives. and by good stuff, I mean YOU and the studio, and friends, and the lake and friends and writing class, and friends, and family (should they be up farther to the top??) oh hell, they ain't readin! cause if they were, mom would call me on using the word ain't..... I'm just sayin. anyhoo, home is the place that you measure all the joys of traveling against. and there is no place like home. it's true. I guess there never will be. jackie chan and smudgie are a big piece of that. the stuff, well, it's just stuff. it's the warmth of good conversation and shared art, beauty, nature, music, food, wine, learning, playing and the like! and family, I LOVE you BEst of aLL! and the real truth is I think of you all as family!
yours in living the good, yet simple life,
go carol

Jamie said...


You said "Home is the place that you measure all the joys of traveling against."

That's so beautiful I just wanted to write it out in my own typewriter keys to see if I could make it my own--or tattoo it a little deeper on my heart.