Sunday, May 4, 2008

ironman rocks

Hello, how are you???

but first...

a TRUTH:  I am a HUGE fan of Robert Downey Jr.
another TRUTH: I even have his cd,  yipper he can sing! uh huh!

Hey, just went out for a movie and sushi with my dear friend jane jane, and we saw Ironman. Let me just say it was great! we already have a big crush on our Robert Downey JR. cause he is
a. a bad boy
b. somehow EXTREMELY compelling
c. catches our eyeballs. 
d. and most importantly, he is EXTRAORDINARILY TALENTED! 
You know, not all pretty and stuff, but riveting and uber gifted. oh yeah, did I mention the bad boy thing, which is part of his charm. the flawed thing works for him. anyhoo,  check it out, it rocks, and though it seems like a guy movie, all transformery and stuff, it's really well done. WE LOVED IT!  hey and to be honest, I didn't expect to love it, but i did!

 later taters. 


jackie chan, giver of love, sends you some. 
p.s. go carol


Jamie said...

Truth #42: The ONLY season I watched Ally McBeal was the one when Robert "Could You BE Any Hotter?" Downey, Jr. played her love interest.

There was a scene when they were out on a baseball field at night, her in her skinny self running, him laughing, catching her in his arms.

And then he left. And Ally went to her refrigerator, and the RDJ boyfriend character had left a life-sized, Buddy-Holly-eyeglassed snowman there to represent himself.

Or did I dream that.

Truth #43: I watched other seasons. But don't tell.

Claire's Mina said...

Hey Lynniebee;

During the late 70's, when wizzing through my parent's family room, I would screech to stop every time the dancing--singing--agile--cute boy appeared on the Dr. Pepper commercial. The chemistry between this nameless boy and me was undeniable. We had a connection, I would see him again someday, this I knew. It took a few or more years, during which time I missed him, wondered what had become of him. Finally the day came--there he was--for the first time, I heard him speak, watched him move. This time he was his own choreographer, in charge of his own steps. A dancer not dancing, a singer not singing, he was an actor acting. I believed him, he was a brilliant and charming geek in a movie called "Weird Science." Throughout his ups and downs, I have never abandoned him. There were times when I thought he may go into the cave and never come out. I intimately understand the stagnation (shut down--overwhelmed, lacking a sensory filtering system)that mood altering chemicals temporarily relieve.

George and I also have chemisty. I just know his issue with commitment will go away when he meets me. George's talent doesn't quite measure up to Robert's, however; when they speak, my response to Robert's mouth movement doesn't quite measure up to my response to George's.

I can't say I know any other actor/directors. I only know these two. If they knew me, they would love me, I am certain of it. Perhaps this is what Hollywood is essentially about.

Truth #100: Human instinct + imagination = creative thought = pleasure

Lynnie said...

jk, that is the best blog comment ever! I totally get it! i forgot he was the dr. pepper guy, but now, just thinking about it, I REMEMBER. I am so a pepper too. And I believe that George will be powerless when you two finally meet. very interesting the mouth thing. i feel it has merit. I have been off my computer for weeks, it's been in the purgatory of the shop, but we are reunited and rearing to go. your post made me realize how much I missed my little mac and this silly blog! if only you and i read, or at least post once a's worth it for me!!
who loves you????????????

Carla Sonheim said...

RDJ is awesome! And I loved judekea's post very much. Thank you for your blog, Lynn! Fresh!!!