Tuesday, July 15, 2008

one little thing

HI again!
some quicky notes from the road.

So, we are in ann arbor, to do a show and I just spent 8 hours setting up. it's really hard, when you only work for say... 7 to 8 minutes at a time, then wander off, chit chat, gossip, eat, get a t shirt, eat, look at your friends new work, sit on the grass and hang out and laugh, drink and talk on the phone look at your other friends new work, and laugh some more, say hello to more folks you haven't seen in ages, wander some more and other stuff and junk. It' a thousand wonders the booth is even up, and it's not FINISHED! I saved the back wall for the morning. ahhhhhhhhrgh
The new paintings do look good tho, and my cute handmade little bench is darling! thank you cindy. I will take photos!

Oh, and you will love this! I got collagen for my top lip! YEAH me!!!!!! now before you start frothing at the mouth.... NOT!!! what I REALLY did was smack my face directly into the top of my booth (it was only half way up....whatever) I had on a hat and couldn't see the f*&%ing thing. I was bending down and BAMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yep it bleed. now it looks like i had a collagen doctor who sneezed while injecting and i have 2 cuts and a duck bill for an upper lip. and no, i do not look like michelle phiffer. not even close. it hurts like a mo fo, especially when i just went to blow my nose. ouch, damn it, ouch. i think i permanently damaged that middle of your nose, separator thing. maybe my top teeth will fall out, cause my gums took a pretty good whack. and did i mention that there was a small audience? a mini crowd? i was talking to 5 people at the time, they were just standing there watching, one person couldn't even speak to me and ran away. the others (vincent) couldn't stop laughing. which i actually appreciated, cause it must have been really funny, i would have laughed if i saw it. then i put ice on it and felt like a dumbshit.
my teeth hurt.
on the up side, i have not dribbled coffee on anyone yet.
art shows are so glam.

meanwhile, just checked out tom waits tour schedule, and ran across a really cool interview with him, and he mentions some of his favorite musicians. one was Howlin Wolf. good stuff. i can't figure out how to paste youtube addresses into my list thing, but try this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ou-6A3MKow or google Howlin Wolf and it's title is How Many more Years. really, it's all good. blues, hot harmonica, great voice.

okay that's it for today.


Kathrine said...

Pictures please!!!! I love your work and sad that it's not easily available for others that can't attend your shows.

Thank you.

Riki Schumacher said...

I don't know how you found me, but I'm soooo glad you did. You are hysterical! Funnnyyyy story fat lips. I feel your pain, even though I haven't done that, I've done other stuff. Take care, I'll be back! Riki